Friday, March 04, 2016

Rekindle Call for submissions

Call for submissions

Rekindle’s next project, Resource: Rise Again, is focused on facilitating development of new uses for undervalued resources, in an effort to enable diversion of reusable resources from waste via design, creativity and craftsmanship.

As part of this project, Rekindle is curating a multi-author journal that explores the pertinent issues related to waste, sustainability and environmental concerns, and investigates potential responses to waste diversion through object-making, waste-minimisation and conservation. It will serve as a platform and archive, as well as a source of information of how change can be implemented.

We are calling out for original, thought-provoking submissions (both written and visual) from a wide range of contributors. Different cultural backgrounds, spiritual understandings, scientific fields, occupations and opinions can all offer critical responses to waste and insight into the way we relate to our resources.

These responses could include, but are not limited to, ideas regarding: environmental concern, sustainable design, kaitiakitanga, reuse, resourcefulness, design, craft/object-making, community resilience, community collaboration, financial viability and waste-minimisation. Each contributor is encouraged to discuss these issues from their own particular perspective and specific field of knowledge.  

For more information please contact Please send your submissions and expressions of interest to by 29 April. Pitches should be maximum one page and include a description of the idea and the contributor’s relevant experience. If accepted, first drafts will be due in mid-June

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