Friday, March 11, 2016

Niel Wright pays tribute to W H Oliver

Poetry Notes 24 available now

Niel Wright pays tribute to W H Oliver:

“I note the recent death (aged 90, September 2015) of my uncle by marriage W H Oliver.
In 1950 I was talking with Bill Oliver who married my mother’s half sister Dorothy. I said I too was a poet (then 16 or 17). I think it was Dorothy who asked how I would find an audience. I said a poet had to create his own audience. I still think that 65 years later.
It is now 2015. In 2005 Victoria University Press published W H Oliver’s Poems 1946-2005, a 152-page book including uncollected poems as well. There is a 2005 preface by W H Oliver. I had not read the uncollected poems before. I am happy to see W H Oliver’s poems collected…”

Full contents: Poetry Notes, Summer 2016, volume 6, issue 4: Niel Wright on W H Oliver (1925-2015); classic New Zealand poetry by E Mary Gurney (1900-1938); poetry by Hugh Isdale; comment on Robert John Palmer Bakewell (1857-1942); NZ Truth poem; donate to PANZA through PayPal; recently received donations; about the Poetry Archive.

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