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MKWC Newsletter March 2016

Michael King Writers' Centre Trust  Enewsletter
View from my desk, March 2016

MKWC Newsletter March 2016

View from my desk

During the summer months we watch a steady stream of walkers, runners, cyclists, dog-walkers and stroller-pushers making their way up to the Takarunga summit. The navy trainees are the most vigorous, hardly pausing on the ascent as they toss large objects to each other. Many of the others rest on the climb outside Signalman’s House, not just to catch their breath but to read our information boards and to take photos of and from the garden and verandah. I am often asked if if I am a writer and if Michael still lives here (I feel he does when I am in the lounge under the benign gaze of his portrait).
The first two Mondays in February were public holidays in Auckland and the maunga summit was the place to watch the Auckland Anniversary regatta on 1st February and the naval manoeuvres on 8th February.
Our schedule here is varied and never, ever boring. Tania begins each week with a gallant effort on Monday mornings to wheel the recycling bin down to the roadside before the getting-ever-earlier recycling truck does its rounds. We’ve hosted a number of meetings these past two months with local partners: the Devonport Library Association and kaumatua Hone Retimana, the Depot Artspace, the Devonport Arts Festival, the Devonport Flagstaff, the Devonport Peninsula Trust; funders: Creative New Zealand, Auckland Council, Tupuna Maunga Authority.
My sunhat has been an essential piece of equipment. A piwakawaka had been spying on Hannah working and its curiosity got the better of it. Into the room it flew and somehow managed to get trapped between the two parts of the sash window. While Hannah was gently manoeuvring the windows, I had my hat at the ready and managed to catch the bird and liberate it into the garden. It has not returned for further observation.
We have some terrific literary events planned which we describe below and we’ll keep you posted through emailing and website and social media updates.
Ka Meechan
Executive Director

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