Tuesday, March 15, 2016

MAORI ART the book + the exhibition - an invitation

I  O  U
the book + the exhibition
Saturday March 19,  5 pm

Paintings by Rangihiroa Panoho, photography by Mark Adams
and Haruhiko Sameshima.

Celebrating the major new book by Dr Rangiora Panoho,
MAORI ART, Landscape, Architecture and Theory (2015, David
Bateman and PIRIHAU Productions) this exhibit, unusual in its
scope, features the paintings of artist and art historian/curator
Rangihiroa Panoho and pays homage to the photographic
contribution to the book - from work over a twenty-year period -
of leading New Zealand photographers Mark Adams and
Haruhiko Sameshima. The exhibit explores several other
critical notions associated with the acronym I O U, including
current claims over land and water by Rangihiroa's hapu.

Rangihiroa Panoho' s hapu 'subtribal groups' are Te Uriroroi and
Te Parawhau, affiliations Ngapuhi and Ngati Whatua.
Rangihiroa and Haruhiko will be at the opening.

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