Friday, March 04, 2016



From the Guardian:
Beatrix Potter letter to young fan sharing Peter Rabbit plans goes up for auction. Click here
From the ABA:
30-Plus Authors Set to Appear at Children's Institute Reception. Click here
From the Daily Mail:
Child abuse. Sex changes. The oh so right-on obsessions taking the joy out of children's books. Click here
From the Wrap:
Film rights are sold to Sara Pennypacker's novel Pax. Click here
From BuzzFeed:
The Official Cover for Beatrix Potter's New Picture Book The Tale-of-Kitty-in-Boots. Click here
From Mashable:
How your Harry Potter books may be worth up to $55K. Click here
From the Guardian:
Teen readers aren't in crisis, they’re just making their own rules. Click here
From Mashable:
American Girl promotes empowerment for girls – if they can afford it. Click here
From the Huffington Post:
Community Program Lets Kids Help Shelter Dogs Through Reading. Click here
From Al-Jazeera:
Luna the horse delivers books in an Indonesian village. Click here
From the Booklist Reader:
Middle-Grade Novels Have Gotten 173% Longer Over the Last 40 Years. Click here
From the Guardian:
In the U.K., children's authors share their World Book Day costumes. Click here
From the Guardian:
A response to the Daily Mail: YA Fiction Is About More Than Political Correctness. Click here
From the Hollywood Reporter:
The Pete the Cat books are being adapted for television. Click here
From the Huffington Post:
J.K. Rowling Confirms Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Will Be a Trilogy. Click here
From BookRiot:
The Catcher in the Rye: 24 Foreign Covers. Click here
From BookRiot:
An essay from a member of the Harry Potter Generation. Click here
From NPR:
Comedian Ben Bailey Smith Weaves Rapping into Children's Book. Click here
From Bustle:
16 Children's Books That Will Make You See The World Differently. Click here
From Mashable:
11 terrifying lessons we learned from Dr. Seuss books. Click here

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