Monday, March 14, 2016

Book News/Reviews from The Sydney Morning Herald

True crime filtered through a neighbour's eyes

Cover: Fear is the Rider by Kenneth Cook.
Bookshop by Thuy On.
Pub date: Mar 13, 2016.
M Mag. Thuy On This book about the 2004 murder of a Perth teenager is an unnerving account of a true crime filtered through personal experience.

Book reviews: Euro crime thrillers in translation

The Father. By Anton Svensson. Sphere. $29.99. Anna Creer Euro Crime. Three for a Sunday

Thriller fiction: LS Hilton's Maestra is hailed as the new Fifty Shades of Grey

LS Hilton. Author of Maestra Victoria Lambert 'Geeky' Oxford graduate LS Hilton has written a sexy thriller that brings reality to adult themes.

Fiction: Olga Lorenzo explores belonging in The Light on the Water

Olga Lorenzo says her experiences have inspired the idea of KAREN HARDY  Olga Lorenzo examines issues of difference and acceptance in her writing.

Graham Swift and the power of the imagination

Graham Swift says the main characters in his novels remain close to him. JASON STEGER Graham Swift's new novella, Mothering Sunday, is a sort of fairytale about the emergence of a writer from the most unlikely circumstances.

Bookmarks: News and views from the book world

Frank Moorhouse is the subject of a new biography by Hazel Rowley fellowship winner Matthew Lamb. JASON STEGER Matthew Lamb wins the Hazel Rowley fellowship and sets his sights on Frank Moorhouse.

Book review: The Great Convergence, by Kishore Mahbubani

Kishore Mahbubani. Alison Broinowski Kishore Mahbubani, The Great Convergence: Asia, the West, and the Logic of One World, New York: Public Affairs

Book review: Tim Baker's debut novel Fever City is an intriguing conspiracy thriller

Fever City, by Tim Baker. (Faber,  $29.99) Jeff Popple Fans of conspiracy thrillers will enjoy this intriguing debut novel.

Norman Abjorensen's The Manner of their Going tells of Australian prime ministers' lives and exits

The Manner of their Going: Prime Ministerial Exits from Lyne to Abbott. By Norman Abjorensen. Australian Scholarly Publishing.  $44. Frank O'Shea THE MANNER OF THEIR GOING. Prime Ministerial Exits from Lyne to Abbott. By Norman Abjorensen. Australian Scholarly Publishing.  $44.

Lindsay Tanner on politics - in parliament and at the Bombers - and his love of crime

Lindsay Tanner at Terra Rossa in Melbourne's CBD. JASON STEGER He might have turned his hand to fiction, but politics still defines this former MP.

Catharine Lumby and Matthew Lamb writing biographies of author Frank Moorhouse

Writer Frank Moorhouse is subject of two biographies in progress. SUSAN WYNDHAM ''I've gone from writing and living to being an archive," says Frank Moorhouse, the subject two biographies under way.

Will Kostakis: books that changed me

Young-adult author Will Kostakis found his love of literature in a Terry Pratchett book. Will Kostakis was Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year in 2005. He dabbled in celebrity journalism and reality TV before he turned to writing fiction for young adults. His first novel was published when he was 19 and his third, The Sidekicks, about teenage friendship, is out now from Penguin.

Free-range chooks wander through the dictionary

Chickens come home to roost. They cross roads. Sit on nest eggs, stick their neck out, and run around headless. Illustration: Simon Letch David Astle If you'd like less weasel language printed on your egg carton, then sign the petition on Choice's website.

The Light on the Water review: How much grief can a mother bear?

The Light on the Water by Olga Lorenzo. Dorothy Johnston Olga Lorenzo's long-awaited second novel doesn't disappoint. It sets an individual's moral conscience against society's judgments.

Finding Eliza review: Discovering the hidden aspects of a 19th-century sensation

Larissa Behrendt says there are no absolute truths when it comes to history. Simon Caterson Larissa Behrendt gives long overdue recognition to the Indigenous people who featured in a sensational story.

Short reviews of fiction from Australia and overseas

This is the Ritual, by
Rob Doyle. Kerryn Goldsworthy Short reviews of fiction from Clare Morrall, Cameron Raynes, Christian Schunemann & Jelena Volic, and Rob Doyle.

Turning Pages: How and why there could be more diversity in children's books

British Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman. Jane Sullivan There are plenty of children around the world who wouldn't recognise themselves in most children's books. But now there's a push for greater diversity.

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