Friday, March 04, 2016

Autumn issue of New Zealand Books Pukapuka Aotearoa on sale today

The Autumn issue of New Zealand Books Pukapuka Aotearoa contains, among other delights, Lloyd Jones on Bill Manhire’s stories, Ingrid Horrocks on Martin Edmond’s new excavation into memory, Tina Makereti on Arapera Blank’s writing, and Kathryn Walls on Joy Cowley’s and Barbara Else’s latest. Reviews of Bugs and To the Is-Land by YA reviewers mark the launch of Hooked on Books, an exciting new website that encourages teenagers to read and review New Zealand books. It’s going live on Thursday 10 March.

List of contents:

2       Editorial
Tim Upperton
: “The Bare Hook” (poem)
3       David Hill: Michael Brown and Mat Tait, The Heading Dog Who Split in Half: Legends and Tall Tales From New Zealand
4       Abby Loader and Abby Simpson: Whiti Hereaka, Bugs
Lucy Prestidge: Janet Frame, To the Is-Land
5       Emma Martin: Kate De Goldi, From the Cutting Room of Barney Kettle
6       Kathryn Walls: Joy Cowley, The Bakehouse; Barbara Else, The Knot Impossible: A Tale of Fontania; Stacy Gregg, The Girl Who Rode the Wind
7       Sarah Ross: Charlotte Grimshaw, Starlight Peninsula
8       Lloyd Jones: Bill Manhire, The Stories of Bill Manhire
9       Ingrid Horrocks: Martin Edmond, The Dreaming Land
10     Tina Shaw: Bianca Zander, The Predictions ; Sue Orr, The Party Line
11     Bryan Gould: Jon Johansson and Stephen Levine (eds), Moments of Truth: The New Zealand General Election of 2014
12     Ann Beaglehole: Adrienne Jansen and Liz Grant (Michael Hall photographer), Migrant Journeys: New Zealand Taxi Drivers Tell Their Stories
Nick Ascroft: “Five Limericks on Grief” (poem)
13     Paul Moon: Rebecca Lenihan, From Alba to Aotearoa: Profiling New Zealand Scots Migrants 1840-1920; Angela McCarthy, Migration, Ethnicity, and Madness: New Zealand, 1860-1910
14     Rewa Morgan: Ron Crosby, Kūpapa – The Bitter Legacy of Māori Alliances with the Crown
15     Lydia Wevers: Tony Ballantyne, Entanglements of Empire: Missionaries, Māori, and the Question of the Body
16     Cherie Lacey: Annabel Cooper, Lachy Paterson and Angela Wanhalla (eds), The Lives of Colonial Objects
17     Tina Makereti: Arapera Blank, For Someone I Love – A Collection of Writing
18     John Dennison: Roger Horrocks, Song of the Ghost in the Machine; Murray Edmond, Shaggy Magpie Songs; Richard Reeve, Generation Kitchen
19     Spiro Zavos: Steve Williams with Michael Donaldson, Out of the Rough
20     Roger Robinson: Norman Harris (obituary)
21     Chris Else: Jerome Kaino, Jerome Kaino: My Story; Brando Yelavich, Wildboy; Lance O’Sullivan, The Good Doctor; Simon Grigg, How Bizarre; Laurence Fearnley, Lydia Bradey: Going Up is Easy
22     Chris Szekely: Donald Jackson Kerr, Hocken: Prince of Collectors
23     Bookshelf
24     Christina Stachurski: Alison Parr, Remembering Christchurch: Voices from Decades Past; Fiona Farrell, A Villa at the End of the Empire: One Hundred Ways to Read a City; Joe Bennett, King Rich
25     Elizabeth Crayford: David Hood, The Rhetoric and the Reality: New Zealand Schools and Schooling in the 21st Century
26     Wystan Curnow: Len Lye with Roger Horrocks, Zizz! The Life and Art of Len Lye
27     Kathryn Carmody: “Making the Pieces Fit” (comment)

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