Tuesday, March 15, 2016

2016 Notable Book Awards

LOVE these posters


Publisher                               Title                                                   Author                           Illustrator
Duck Creek Press                  Muddle and Mo                                Nikki Slade Robinson    Nikki Slade Robinson
Penguin Random/Puffin         Roly the Anzac Donkey                  Glyn Harper                   Jenny Cooper
Penguin Random/Random     Henry’s /Stars                                  David Elliot                     David Elliot
Penguin Random/Puffin         Stripes! No, Spots!                         Vasanti Unka                 Vasanti Unka
Penguin Random/Puffin         First to the Top                                David Hill                        Phoebe Morris
Gecko Press                           Hello World!                                     Paul Beavis                    Paul Beavis
Walker Books Aus & NZ         Yak and Gnu                                    Juliette MacIver             Cat Chapman
Walker Books Aus & NZ         Finding Monkey Moon                    Elizabeth Pulford            Kate Wilkinson
Scholastic NZ                         Hush : A Kiwi Lullaby                     Joy Cowley                    Andrew Burdan
Huia Publishers                       Haka                                                  Patricia Grace                Andrew Burdan
Potton & Burton                      Changing Times: The Story of a   Bob Kerr                         Bob Kerr
                                                New Zealand Town and its Newspaper

Publisher                               Title                                                                Author                             Illustrator
Flat Bed Press                        The Bold Ship Phenomenal                        Sarah Johnson
Sue Copsey Treehouse Bks  The Ghosts of Tarawera                              Sue Copsey
Penguin Random/Longacre    The Pirates and the Nightmaker                 James Norcliffe
Penguin Random/Longacre    From the Cutting Room of Barney Kettle  Kate De Goldi
Gecko Press                           The Knot Impossible (A Tale of Fontana)  Barbara Else                   Sam Broad
Gecko Press                           The Bakehouse                                             Joy Cowley
HarperCollins                          The Girl Who Rode the Wind                      Stacy Gregg
Scholastic NZ                         How I Alienated my Grandma                     Suzanne Main
Scholastic NZ                         Cool Nukes                                                    Des Hunt
Luncheon Sausage Books      Lily Max : Satin, Scissors, Frock                Jane Bloomfield

Penguin Random/Longacre    Evie’s War                                                 Anna Mackenzie
Penguin Random/Random     Being Magdalene                                     Fleur Beale
Mary Egan Publishing             Hucking Cody                                           Aaron Top
Potton & Burton                      The Heading Dog Who Split in Half:      Michael Brown
                                                Legends and Tall Tales from NZ            Dr Mat Tait

Publisher                               Title                                                            Author                      Illustrator
Reading Warrior                      Jammin’ with Steven Adams                  David Riley               
Mary Egan Publishing             Exploring Nature’s Pattern Magic          Dee Pigneguy
Reading Warrior                      Samoan Heroes                                        David Riley                Michel Mulipola
Penguin Random/Random     Beginner’s Guide to Rugby                    Aaron Cruden
Penguin Random/Random     Beginner’s Guide to Adventure Sport   Steve Gurney           
Potton & Burton                      Whose Beak is This?                               Gillian Candler           Fraser Williamson
New Holland Publishers          Waitangi Day: The New Zealand Story  Philippa Werry

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