Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Stand By Me: Helping your teen through tough times". - John Kirwan

The father of three teenagers, and an advocate for depression awareness, Sir John Kirwan is on tour this October to talk about the content of his new book, "Stand By Me: Helping your teen through tough times".
Honest, enlightening and impossible to ignore, JK's new book is a powerful tool for parents, teachers and other care givers who're helping teens tackle mental health issues.
"The goal of this book is to help equip people with the knowledge and courage to be active and supportive in their children’s lives,” says JK.
“I’m a dad and I’m looking for answers from the professionals and the kids, their mums, dads, and their other supporters who’ve been there, holding each other’s hands to hell and back."
JK's will be available to sign copies of his book.
To purchase tickets or for more information, see eventfinder.co.nz.

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