Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"No Writer is an Island" - self-publishing vs. traditional publishing

Today's Feature Story:

Self-publishing pros observed that the self-publishing vs. traditional publishing debate may be moot: it's all publishing. But what you want from it depends on you.

A new bookstore has opened inside the French Embassy in New York promising to be a catalyst for a French-American dialogue of ideas.
More News:

Colleen Higgs of South Africa's Mondjaji Books recounts the myriad ways a publisher can screw up.

Join the global publishing community at the Frankfurt Book Fair for this two-day, debut event for international authors, agents, and other industry professionals who want to learn more about global opportunities in self-publishing in the English-language market.

Get 10% off tickets with code Self-Publishing14Discount10 when you register at www.book-fair.com/selfpublishing.

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