Friday, September 26, 2014

Children's Books in the Media


From the Washington Post:
Banned Books Week: Here’s why we can't afford to shelve the debate. Click here
From Mental Floss:
Ten 21st-Century Bestsellers People Tried to Ban (and Why). Click here
From the Bookseller:
In a new survey, nearly three quarters of young people prefer print. Click here
From Myth & Mystery:
Rick Riordan announces the name for his new Norse mythology series. Click here
From Fox News Latino:
A Peruvian author files $250m lawsuit against Disney, claiming Frozen plagiarized her autobiography. Click here
From Variety:
The Maze Runner's box office success: how it avoided the YA curse. Click here
From Deadline:
Patrick Carman's Floors has been sold to Disney. Click here
From Bustle:
A Conservative Christian Woman Is Rewriting 'Harry Potter' So It Doesn't Make Kids Witches Anymore. Click here
From the New Yorker:
Henry James and the Great YA Debate: an essay. Click here
From Elle:
Poisoned Apples: What If Fairy Tales Were Feminist? Click here
From A Fuse 8 Production:
Surprise! It’s Racist! Unwanted Children's Book Surprises. Click here
From Bustle:
TFIOS Can Teach These 7 Real Life Lessons, So Don't Ban It. Click here

From the Huffington Post:
Dav Pilkey: My Book Makes Kids Laugh, And It Was Banned Anyway. Click here
From BuzzFeed:
Take a quiz: how well do you know your banned books? Click here
Also from the Bookseller:
The magazine is launching its own YA prize in the U.K. Click here
From the Los Angeles Times:
The Go the F— to Sleep author announces a
f—ing sequel. Click here
From the Wall Street Journal:
A decade after his controversial memoir, author James Frey blends fiction and reality in a new way. Click here
From MTV News:
The Maze Runner will get a new prequel, The Fever Code. Click here
From Metro News:
Five young adult films to look forward to in 2014 and 2015. Click here
From the Guardian:
The Story of the Little Mole is 25: The book nobody would publish that went on to be a bestseller. Click here
From the Rejectionist:
A response to the New Yorker's YA essay. Click here
From the Atlantic:
B.J. Novak Proves That Kids' Books Don't Need Pictures. Click here
From Publishing Perspectives:
French children's book illustrators decorate a Paris pediatric hospital. Click here
From the Toast:
Children's Picture Books Made Horrific: Love You Forever. Click here

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