Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Roundup with PW

Literary Lions Unite Against Amazon : Hundreds of writers, including some of the world’s most distinguished, are joining the coalition against Amazon. Few if any are published by Hachette. And they have goals far broader than freeing up the Hachette titles.

Amazon's Effect on Local Economies : Jeff Bezos has forged an empire by exploiting low-wage workers and extracting billions in government subsidies, says Jim Hightower at AlterNet.

When a Book Tour Becomes a Circus : In an era when author tours and splashy book parties have grown increasingly rare, Lena Dunham has organized a traveling circus of sorts that seems more like a roving Burning Man festival than a sober, meet-the-author literary event.

Student Authors Who Pubbed Blockbusters: These authors wrote bestsellers before getting their bachelor’s degree — so prepare to feel either inspired or very, very lazy.

Guessing the Book from the First Line: A Buzzfeed quiz to test your knowledge on the first lines of famous books.

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