Friday, July 06, 2012

Bootle wins Wolfson Economics Prize

The Bookseller - 05.07.12 | Lisa Campbell

Roger Bootle has been announced this morning (5th July) as the winner of the £250,000 Wolfson Economics Prize for his essay Leaving the Euro; A Practical Guide.
The prize is the second most lucrative in the economics field, after the Nobel.
Bootle’s winning essay, which shows how a country can successfully leave the Eurozone with minimal disruption, will be included in his book The Trouble With Markets by Nicholas Brealey Publishing. The updated edition is published as an e-book today and in paperback next week.
Bootle argues that in the long term, Europe would benefit from a break-up, possibly the only path capable of lifting us out of the current economic crisis.
Managing director of Nicholas Brealey Publishing, Nick Brealey, said: “We're delighted. Winning the Wolfson Economics Prize is an outstanding achievement and one which marks Roger out as a truly exceptional thinker and writer.
"Roger Bootle is one of our most important authors; we've published three books now as part of a trilogy – The Death of Inflation, Money for Nothing and The Trouble With Markets – and in each instance they've defined the political economy mindset, been received warmly by critics for their accessibility and prescience and they've all shown strong sales.”
The other contenders for the Wolfson Prize were Jens Nordvig and Nick Firoozye of Nomura, and Jonathan Tepper of Variant Perception.

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