Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Book lovers have a new way to discuss their passions, with the release of TAOC® - The Art of Conversation: Literary Edition. Australian creators Louise Howland and Keith Lamb have adapted their bestselling game The Art of Communication to offer new angles and avenues to stimulate lively discussions about books and writings.
Ideal for book clubs, it can also be used with friends, family, workmates, students or even by solitary readers. It covers all genres – fiction, poetry, drama, biography, autobiography, science fiction, fantasy, crime, romance, historical writing –essentially, the whole bookshop!
The literature to be discussed in the Literary Edition is not prescribed by TAOC®  – that’s for the players to decide, and works equally well whether players are reading the same or different books. The aim is to assist people to share their close connections with books, by promoting literary discussion that involves both serious thought and fun, through well-researched and tested questions.
TAOC® comes with 300 starter questions plus a 32-page guidebook that includes informative, fascinating and comprehensive endnotes. Like all TAOC® editions, it’s not a quiz – it’s never about who knows the most. Rather, it’s a communication tool that draws on your own experiences, thoughts and reactions to facilitate fascinating discussions. Even reluctant readers – and speakers - will be drawn in!
The original TAOC® is now available in French and German editions, with 6 other editions available including Travel, Children and Cuisine editions.
Louise Howland will be in New Zealand form 30 April – 2 May. The pack retails for NZ $19.99.

TAOC books are available now from all good booksellers 
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