Saturday, March 03, 2012

Publishing Perspectives - Children's Book News

Founded in 2005, New Zealand indie Gecko Press specializes in translating "curiously good books from around the world." Here, a conversation with its founder.
Bilbao's DADA Company is an app developer striving to create "new ways of creating and feeling, where old and new ways of looking at the world coexist." Read more »
JJ Book's "Tales for Great Grandchildren" is published in both limited edition hand bound buckram bound edition, as well as e-book and iPad app. Read more »
Ato Solomon Hailemariam, award winning YA author, founded PEN Ethiopia, to help promote and translate Ethiopian literature for audiences at home and abroad. Read more »
Scholastic’s Parent and Child Magazine has created a list of the 100 best greatest books for kids, Pottermore promises OverDrive e-books for loan, and more. 
The Classroom Library Co., a new St. Louis based educational distributor and publisher, is designed with the needs of the teacher in mind. Read more »
Trip participants will have the opportunity to network with German publishing professionals and discuss trends in Germany’s YA and children’s books publishing market. Read more »

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