Monday, October 29, 2012

World First All-New Reverse E-Reader !!

Fresh into work after just finishing The 100-Year-Old-Man who Climbed out the Window & Disappeared (on ipad, purchased from Gleebooks via Australia) Tilly Lloyd and the Monday clan (handsome, happy UnityBooks staff) were confronted by a very frightening thing.

It is a new contraption created in collaboration by Colin Morris and the anarcho-designers from Wellington Makerspace of Vivian Street.
We do not know Colin’s current pharmaceutical regime.

Called the World First All-New Reverse E-Reader it features a pop-up toaster running on Windows 8, powered by a VHS bluray and Tanqueray.
Production is ignited by an old Hilux key.
It handles any of 30,000,000 isbns  (with the exception of Jeffrey Archer) and merges the requirements of print on demand with readable toast.   

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