Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TUESDAY POEM - poem about bad movies and other delights

Tuesday Poem this week is by Palmerston North's Tim Upperton and it begins: 

I want to watch one bad movie
after another, and when I’ve seen them all
I will read all the bad books, the bad, rubbishy 

books with their stock characters and ridiculous plots,
and then I will listen to Europop—

Who could resist that? Go here  to read the whole thing. The poem is selected by Wellington teacher and poet Harvey Molloy and he says:

"Tim’s work has a strong musical quality.  Sometime during the writing of House on Fire Tim started to read the poems of Frederick Seidel and the music of his poetry changed  – the effect on Tim’s work was akin to the effect The Sex Pistols performance at Manchester Free Trade Hall in June 1976 had on northern music: a new brash broom sweeps clean.  However, as you can see, in Tim’s case the musician is classically trained and capable of virtuoso performances."  

Tim's excellent poem The Starlings is also on one of the satellite Tuesday Poem blogs this week -  it can be found here. You can find poets as diverse as Craig Cliff, Kate Camp and Saradha Koirala in the sidebar of Tuesday Poem. What's stopping you? It's either that or watch another bad movie. 

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