Sunday, October 28, 2012

John Griffin, R.I.P

The family of John Griffin have asked me to advise on the blog that John passed away peacefully, among family and friends, at 9.40am this morning, Sunday 28 October, 2012, in Auckland. John was 88 years of age.

John was an old friend of mine, we had both been booksellers and publishers, he having founded the University Bookshop in Otago, later going on to be a senior executive with Whitcombe & Tombs, before venturing into publishing with Oxford University Press. We were both "lads" together way back in the early 70's on the then Booksellers Association executive.
He had a keen brain, was widely read and had a quick and wicked sense of humour. I liked and admired him enormously. Rest in peace John.
And my deep condolences to John's daughters, Rachel here in Auckland,and London-based daughter Kate who has also been a significant player on the London publishing scene.
Once I have funeral details I will post here on the blog.

John used to e-mail me from time-to-time with comments about things on my blog. Looking back through the blog the last reference I can find to John was this piece is October last year.


Ian Free said...

Please add my condolences and best wishes to the family.

John was a giant of the trade, a giant with a gentle touch and a penetrating wit.

Ray Richards said...

Many thanks for the John Griffin notice, a loyal servant of his publishing employers and a vigorous self-employed servant of our book trade.

Bill Noble said...

His vision was my motivation. A seriously fun guy, and amazingly durable. I hope he was listening to National Radio the other day. Probably not, but I'm glad I had the chance to sing his praises on air while he was still alive. Right up until my retirement last month, people were still asking after him. The book biz's first (?) and certainly coolest cool dude. Rachel and Kate: I know how you feel, and am with you.

Bill Noble