Saturday, October 27, 2012

The lengths an author will go to to get a picture of the cover of her new book out there…

I wrote a story for the Listener on e-books, including a how to publish online. I’m afraid I can’t get the story up online, just the cover..

October 27-November 2 Issue 3781

The Secrets of e-Book Success

Felicity Price and Rebecca Macfie report on e-books and how they are revolutionising the literary world, with advantages for both readers and writers

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Poppy Q said...

I just found your blog this evening. I did enjoy the Listener articles about Ebooks, and how to publish online.

I am sure that there are many challenges for authors, publishers and booksellers in the current market.

I must admit to owning a Kindle, after getting it as a gift last year. For me, I had certainly stopped buying books about five years ago due to their crazy prices. I was limited to only buying a few a year and mostly through trademe. I probably read two or three a week, but have always used my library to source them from.

Since getting my Kindle I have bought about 150 books for it, although I have noticed that in the last six months that prices have almost doubled for many books, and feel that Amazon do rip us off in the Asia/Pacific region compared to both US/UK customers.

I do feel sorry for the booksellers of NZ, but times are tough and for me groceries and bills have to be bought ahead of $40 books.

Julie Q