Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What the New Penguin Random House Logo Might Look Like

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– Email addresses
– Naming protocols
– Business cards and countless other printed materials
– And, maybe most importantly, the name and logo of the new firm

To that end, we’ve asked several graphic designers we know to take a quick stab at what the new logo of a combined Penguin-Random House would look like.
Todd Goldstein, a graphic designer from New York (and, full disclosure, a friend of mine), took a little creative license with the new name, too:

There is narrative in Aaron Tung’s take. He is a New York based graphic designer and blogger (and, like Goldstein, a personal friend of mine):

I see a pattern in this take from Nickie Huang. She works in architecture and graphic design in New York (and is also a personal friend):

Joe Encarnacion’s take is evocative of the upscale sensibilities of the companies and of Random House’s German side. Encarnacion is creative director at Hatchback Studios (and, disclosure, a personal friend):

Thanks to Frith Hughes at Scholastic NZ for bringing this to my attention.

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