Friday, May 18, 2007

Hardie Grant Books NZ $40 Aust$34.95

I own hundreds of books on the subject of wine. But one of the most accessible and useful and one that I recommend to people as a great introduction in to the whole mystery of wine is this one.

Skinner, who hails from Melbourne, is a great mate of Jamie Oliver and he brings to wine the same no nonsense, demystifying approach that Oliver brings to food.

Here is Jamie Oliver on Matt Skinner in his introduction to the book:

"I have learnt more about wine from Matt than anybody else and I think its because he makes the whole subject so accessible. Rather than talking lots of jargon he explains in simple terms how wine works.
His emphasis is on accessibility and a bit of fun. But he’ll show you how to get good value and pleasure from your wine at the same time encouraging you to be a bit more savvy when you’re out buying your next bottle".

If you wish to expand your wine knowledge and your vocabulary to describe what you are drinking as well as reading an entertaining account of the history and culture of wine then this is the book for you. Wines are dealt with by grape variety and in addition he provides a useful pronunciation key for each. Everything in the book is presented in a user-friendly fashion.

Skinner joined Jamie Oliver in London at the first Fifteen restaurant where he was responsible for the development & management of the cellar as well as teaching the students about wine. I gather he was back home in Melbourne for a while helping with the set-up of the first Fifteen restaurant in this part of the world. I'm looking forward to trying it next time we are in that fair city, and chceking out Skinner's wine list too.

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