Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Following my remarks earlier today about Keith Stewart banging on in the Listener all the time about screwcaps on wine bottles a Hawkes Bay winemaker has kindly sent me the following press release from Philip Gregan of New Zealand Wine which was sent out today to members .

Oops! It seems I may have unwittingly wandered into a bit of wine industry controversy.

TO: All Members
From: Philip Gregan
Date: 30 May, 2007
RE: Claims regarding screwcaps

This memorandum is to update you on our investigations regarding the assertions made by Mr Keith Stewart of links between screwcap liners and cancer.

We have continued to investigate the assertions by Mr Stewart since they were first raised with us in late April. Our investigations indicate that there is no evidence to support allegations of a link between the screwcap liners used for New Zealand wine and cancer.
Our investigations have included:

· discussions with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority, and in particular their consultant toxicologist;
· discussions and information from the manufacturer and distributors of screwcaps and screwcap liners;
· review of research papers and risk assessments from various sources including the World Health Organisation and Codex Alimentarius;
· discussions with numerous national and international experts;
· correspondence and meeting with Mr Stewart.

On the basis of the above, we have written to the Listener to inform them of the results of our investigations and to request a retraction of the allegations made by Mr Stewart.
We will inform you of any further developments.

Philip Gregan

I have just found which gives a brief history of the screwcap in the wine industy. Worth a look.

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