Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Roundup with PW

Random House Acquires First Book By Pope Francis
'The Name of God Is Mercy: A Conversation with Andrea Tornielli' will be published in January 2016. more » »

Adrian Lyne Joins 'Silent Wife': The Oscar-nominated director of 'Fatal Attraction' will oversee Nicole Kidman in the new thriller 'The Silent Wife.'

24 Tweets For Grammar Nerds: Spelling sticklers will enjoy reading tweets that correct grammatical errors with a splash of humor.

Honoring Ruth Rendell's Legacy: The memorial service for the 'respected and loved' crime writer took place on Thursday, October 29.

Sally Abbott Wins Richell Prize: The 'Closing Down' manuscript writer won Australia's literary award including a $10,000 prize.

2015's Technology Device Ownership: The Pew Research Center revealed new findings that indicate 68% of Americans have smartphones; 45% have tablet computers.

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