Wednesday, October 28, 2015

LITTLE LOVES New Zealand children and their favourite animals

Rachael Hale McKenna
With text by Christine Sheehy
World-renowned photographer Rachael Hale McKenna beautifully brings to life the loving bond between Kiwi children and their pets.
Little Loves celebrates that special connection between Kiwi children and their animals. Rachael Hale McKenna travelled throughout New Zealand – through small towns, to remote farms, to the beach, and to the big cities – and met a medley of much-loved animals including cats, dogs, horses, chickens, eels, sheep and even a water-logged guinea pig. 

                                                        Meg & Toodles.

Each story in Little Loves is charming and often poignant. There is Owen the young boy who was suffering from selective mutism, whose dog Ling helped him feel comfortable speaking in public. Meet baby Lily, the gorgeous little girl with a serious heart condition and her loyal guardian, the British bulldog Millie. To this day, visitors have to get past Millie before they’re allowed close to her girl. And young Shanti, whose mother was told while before she was born that her child would have an innate ability to heal animals. Now seven, Shanti rescues animals and nurses them back to health. This is a heart-warming book to be pored over, loved and treasured.

New Zealand photographer Rachael Hale McKenna (left is well-known throughout the world for her quirky and delightful images of babies and animals. Her previous books, including The French Dog and The French Cat, have sold millions of copies worldwide. Little Loves is Rachael’s first book since returning to New Zealand, where she now lives with her husband and daughter.

PUBLISHED:    2 November 2015
IMPRINT:        Allen & Unwin
NZRRP:           $49.99 - Hardback

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