Tuesday, October 27, 2015

NZ bookshops thriving

Book news:

1.    Book buying is up in NZ.  Nielsen Data reports that for the year to 3 October there's been a 9.3% growth in NZ book sales volume, with a 3.7% growth in value. So Kiwi bookshops are thriving, not just surviving. This is fabulous news.

2.    So it's magnificently timely then that NZ Bookshop Day is being held on Saturday, 31 October in 180 bookshops all over NZ to celebrate the unique place that bookshops have in NZ life and their place in our communities.

There'll be activities in them all - horse-in-a-bookshop anyone? Yes, there's one in Wanaka Paper Plus (shovel at the ready). Writers sitting in windows reading - yes, go to The Women's Bookshop in Auckland's Ponsonby. 
There's a 'banned books' quiz in the University of Canterbury's bookshop and many many more events. 
There's a nationwide colouring contest, a 'Snap Me Reading' comp, and more when you visit your local bookshop..

Colouring in specially branded book bags at Wellington's Vic Books

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