Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SOMETHING ELSE - a novel by David Parkyn

Overlooking an old boatyard, in a city threatened by drought, in a country wracked by unusual weather patterns, in a building marked for demolition, a fugitive from art contemplates a blank canvas, a jar of old brushes and a fresh page in his journal. 
As he surveys the grounds on which he’s lived and worked ‘a mutinous crew’ conspire to take him on a voyage of salvage and recovery, into inner city Auckland of the ‘sixties to revisit the deaths which he believes his early obsession is implicated. 
A voyage to illuminate a looming personal and global disaster, to navigate the shoals of art and politics, obsession and friendship, and the shifting shores of modern art movements.

This new novel by David Parkyn with black and white images by Sally Griffin is $38 and is published by Piedog Press, PO Box 10-265, Wellington 6143.
ISBN 978 - 0 - 473 - 32150 - 5

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