Thursday, October 29, 2015

Surfers : A Kiwi Lifestyle

A Kiwi Lifestyle

by Jo Caird and Paula George
Bateman  - Hardback - RRP: $39.99

The desire to create Surfers: A Kiwi Lifestyle was born from both authors falling in love with surfing. Relatively late starters, they discovered a world where people’s lives literally revolved around the waves.

The people they met were wonderfully diverse and they discovered that the ocean levels the playing field. Out there, sitting on the water, it was hard to tell the company CEO from the tradesman, the plumber from the schoolteacher, and why would you want to? It’s all about the surf.

The authors wondered what excites the surfers, what motivates them to brave all kinds of weather in search of just one wave, and how has their passion for surfing affected their lives and impacted their families.

So they travelled around New Zealand, interviewing and photographing a rich tapestry of people and saw clearly how much joy each individual gets from simply being on top of a wave.

From singer-songwriter Jamie McDell to comedian/radio broadcaster Gary McCormick, this eclectic group of Kiwis shares their stories about their passion for surfing.

With a stunning series of photographic portraits Jo Caird and Paula George (‘Georgie’) provide an evocative look at the distinctive Kiwi surfing lifestyle.

Jo Caird has been a photographer for over 20 years. She has photographed a huge range of sporting events, including the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, the World Cup of Golf, and over eight Rugby World Cup events. Jo has a great reputation as a portrait and event photographer too, but it’s her work with the All Blacks that has won her numerous accolades. Together with Georgie, she has now established JOGIE & CO.

Paula George (‘Georgie’) spent 15 years as an international athlete (netball and rugby) before switching sides of the camera. Since 2005, her focus has been on combining writing with her photography and videography skills, resulting in her position as the behind-the-scenes content provider for Since the All Blacks’ victory at the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Georgie has been working on several books, on being a mum, and on learning to surf.


David said...

Great job ladies.I enjoyed being part of your project.

Mark said...

All good...I flicked through the book at the bookshop. Good photos will always be a part of this type of surfing book because it is such a photogenic sport...water, waves and light are an ineffable combination. However interviewing those who are passionate about the sport is still mere reportage and formulaic and it has been done many times before, in countries all over the world because surfing is a world lifestyle. And again this format doesn't come close to the mystery of surfing leaving me personally less than satisfied that another book about surfing fails to 'speak to me'. This is probably only achieved in a work of fiction.