Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Roundup with PW

Book on Einstein's Theory a Surprise Hit: In Italy, 'Seven Brief Lessons in Physics,' by physicist Carlo Rovelli, took many by surprise recently when it became the highest selling book for two straight months.

Amazon's Noncompetes: The Verge has obtained Amazon's "strict and far-reaching noncompete agreements."

Boycotting 'Game of Thrones': Salon's Laura Miller on why she's quitting the HBO series next year, and it's not because of the book spoilers.

Publishing House Closes, Donates Books: Little Bahalia Publishing owner Stacey Williams-Ng donated thousands of books to children after making the hard decision to close her company.

Rob Biddulph Wins Waterstones Prize: 'Blown Away,' a tale of a misplaced penguin, took home the 2015 Waterstones children’s book prize.

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