Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Birthday Monster

The Birthday Monster
by Bridget Sherlock

  This is a fun picture book of a little boy on his birthday, who learns that behaving like a little monster can have unexpected consequences! 
 He turns into a real monster, with horns, fangs, talons and a tail; and the only way to turn back to his normal self is to be helpful, kind and considerate. 
 This is a great book to start a discussion with children about behaviour, and how it affects other people. 
   It is expressive and exciting, and the story races along like the monster, until it stops; and calms down, when the boy realises he needs to calm down and think of other people. 
  The uneven font is expressive too and the bold lettering emphasises the “monster” character. The illustrations by Izzy Ivy are fun, colourful and magical and they have been well laid out with the words on the page in an interesting way. 
   This book would be suitable for 2-6 year olds.

Review by Annie Whiterod via Flaxflower Reviews
The Birthday Monster, by Bridget Sherlock
Illustrations by Izzy Ivy
Publisher: Beat Books
ISBN: 978-0-9922648-3-3
Available:  Now

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