Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Film Deal for Samoan Book Series TELESĀ.

The TELESĀ  Book Series by author Lani Wendt Young has been optioned for a movie by NZ production company Multinesia and awarded development funding by the New Zealand Film Commission through their He Ara Development Program. The primary purpose of the He Ara Fund is to support NZ Maori and Pasifika film makers and help them create a diverse range of quality films. The award is significant in that it’s not only funding for the development stage of the project, but it also provides the mentoring support of the NZ Film Commission and other industry professionals.

The application to the NZFC was led by NZ-Cook Islander Karin Williams – an award winning producer who has worked on documentaries for American television, several short films and plays. (See her statement below.) TELESĀ  is one of three projects submitted by Multinesia that has been successful in the 2015 He Are application. The initial proposal was for a feature length film, but the NZFC has suggested that Multinesia consider making TELESĀ  a high-end international television series – similar to the ‘The Outlander’, ‘Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ – which are all successful television adaptations of books. Karin and her team have a year to make that decision, partner with a scriptwriter and a film studio, and pitch the TELESĀ screen project to investors – both in NZ and abroad.

There are four books in the bestselling TELESĀ Series, with another one due to be released later this year. TELESĀ is a Young Adult Fantasy Romance set in contemporary Samoa, available worldwide in both ebook and paperback format from Amazon. 

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TK Roxborogh said...

This is fantastic news and I agree about a high end tv mini series being a better fit than a movie. Great thinking 99! It will make satisfying viewing. Congratulations to all involved.