Tuesday, November 08, 2011

SINS OF THE FATHER: The untold story behind Schapelle Corby's ill-fated drug run by EAMONN DUFF.

The missing pieces of the Schapelle Corby jigsaw will be laid into place at 10.00 am tomorrow with the publication of Eamonn Duff's Sins of the Father: The untold story behind Schapelle Corby's ill-fated drug run [Allen & Unwin, $35].
Note NZ release date - Monday 14 November.

The book uncovers explosive new facts gleaned from the author's three year probe into the Schapelle Corby story.  With cooperation from former friends and associates of Mick Corby, politicians, police, airline staff and underworld drug syndicate figures, the book presents a host of fresh and compelling new material.
— Uncovers Mick Corby's dark past, directly connecting Schapelle to a marijuana syndicate and shattering her long held claims of innocence.
— Reveals the man who claims to have supplied the marijuana to Mick Corby for transportation to Bali, and documents the marijuana's dramatic journey from Adelaide to the Gold Coast, naming who delivered it.
— Includes former Foreign Minster Alexander Downer's revealing interview about the case.
— Presents a different take on Schapelle's flight from Sydney to Bali from the Qantas cabin manager on duty that day.
— Is the definitive investigation into the most polarising criminal case since Azaria Chamberlain's murder trial.
Written by a senior investigative journalist and based on a host of new facts, Sins of the Father returns to the very beginning of this remarkable case when nobody had heard of the name Schapelle.  The book takes us step-by-step through the all important weeks, days and hours leading up to Schapelle's dramatic arrest in Bali, and tackles the confronting and, at times, controversial material that was missing from previous accounts.
IMPRINT:  Allen & Unwin
RRP:  $39.99
EXTENT:  416 pp
PIC SECTION:  16 pp colour
ISBN:  9781 7423 78176
NZ release date - Monday 14 November.


Anonymous said...

Won't be reading this book. The girl is already suffering, why would someone want to condem her more? Her father can not even tell his side if the book is wrong.

Arriba Photography said...

Full of Lies and you know it!!!

Nathan said...

get ready for a huge lawsuit! who payed you to print these lies?

Michelle said...

This is a pack of lies. Absolutelt disgusting. Read this:

Read it.

That is how Duff constructed this pack of lies. Read it.

And th emedia present it as fact, yet ignore The Expendable Project.

Australia is corrupt.

Kim said...
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Anonymous said...

She's guilty and we all know it! You people support these drug traffickers who ruin other peoples lives for the sake of a dollar.

Eamonn Duff is spot on! These facts are undeniably true.

Get an education and grow up!

Bookman Beattie said...

For the record - I have received some 20 anonymous comments which I have elected not to post. If you wish to make comments, provided they are not indecent or libellous then feel free but you must attach your name.

Anonymous said...

I never once thought she was innocent. Seems to me, that the Indonesian officials were waiting for them. Plus the bag with the marijuana in it, was the same size as the boogie board bag. Also why take a boogie board to Bali, you can buy cheap ones over there.

Colin said...

Even god could not have gotten that bag of MJ thru 3 major Australian airports at least one of the dozen baggage handlers would have spelt it or felt the weight,lets not forget the checkin staff cleared her and said the bag was fine, i don't this will get to the book selves we will just have to wait and see i guess,

Anonymous said...

Colin, She would have gone through the oversized bag section. Also the marijuana was in a vacuum packed bag, so there wouldn't have been an smell.

Eamonn duff said...

I am Eamonn Duff, the author of this book, and it's about time I pointed something out...There is one woman in particular, making comments here, who actually purchased the book's domain name and slaughtered it, before she even had a copy. She has harassed myself and colleagues for years whilst peddling bewildering claims that the government, the media, the police and Qantas are all somehow involved in a joint conspiracy to keep 'Our Schapelle' behind bars. like seriously, why..????
I'd like to ask everyone to Look at the evidence. Read with an open mind and decide for yourself. This is not about Schapelle's sentence ...which most Australians agree is too long.
it's about a case that everyone has an opinion on....and is entitled to have an opinion on. over.

Anonymous said...

The sentence is too long for Australia, not for Indonesia. IMO: She could have gotten a lighter sentence, if certrain members of her family, kept quiet in the court. I will buy the book, but it won't change my mind, as I already think she was guilty.

Kim said...

Actually Sammy, Schapelle's sentence was 4 times higher than that ever given to any Indonesian for the same crime, and twice as high as an Indonesian found with nearly 40 times as much marijuana as her. Google: Schapelle expendable sentence discrimination & click on the top link for evidence re that. And as for my reply to Duff (as I assume he's referring to me), just Google: schapelle the duffer responds & click on the top link for info that's far too lengthy to post here.

Anonymous said...

When's the book being released?

And what is it with the delusional supporters? They "just know" she's innocent, and like good little conspiracy theorists, they look for evidence to support that, whilst ignoring or objecting to evidence which doesn't.

I don't "know" either way, but I'm interested to read something that's been well-researched.

Colin said...

Hey Sammy the Quantas checkin staff testified the bag was fine and nothing unusual about it,you would spot it a mile away with that big bulge,,the weight was normal for a bag and did not trip the 3.1 kg or there abouts guidlines that would have required further closer scrunity of the bag,Schapelle took her own board because surfers and boogey boarders just prefer to use there own,i hire one once it cost me a fortune for 2 hours,i guess we should also point out theres no evidence the MJ was ever in Australia as the Indons refused to test it to see if it was,if it was in Australia one person would have noticed it for sure,,the last person that loaded it onto the plane.

Anonymous said...

If the boogie board bag, had a bulge, wouldn't they have noticed it, when they picked it up from the lugguge carousel.

Eamonn Duff said...

STOP THE PRESS: Yesterday on Ben Fordham's 2GB radio program, the Corby family's own lawyer Kerry Smith Douglas said the following words:

Kim? Pretty significant u-turn/development I would say....although I'm sure you'll find some way round it. Is she part of the conspiracy now?

Yes, the father was guilty. Yes, Schapelle should be brought home.

Anonymous said...

If it was the father, how will the Corby's & supporters feel after blaming the baggage handlers. Will they apologise.

DJ Wolf said...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not to their own facts. We saw with the 14 year-old boy arrested for buying pot that the Bali Police control the trade of marijuana in Bali. Matthew Moore claimed that Australians were taking pot to Bali for profit because it was too dangerous for Westerners to buy it from Indonesians. He ignored the fact that it would be suicide to sell it there - on their turf. The other pertinent fact he ommitted is that the Balinese Hindus smoke pot in their worship of Shiva. Do the Hindu priests buy it from the tourists as well? No one takes marijuana to Bali and the fact that no Westerners have ever been arrested selling grass there supports this.

Please explain to me why the Bali Police refused to weigh Schapelle's luggage. If it came to 61Kg she was guilty; if it came to 65Kg she was innocent. We know of three different people who asked them to weigh her luggage and one of them was a journalist who knew the luggage hadn't been weighed because the remainder of Schapelle's luggage sat at the base of the check in counter in a room full of journalists untouched, unopened, not searched and not weighed. The policeman's response to this journalist was "It's not necessary." How did he already know that weighing her luggage wouldn't support a conviction? Why do people venture opinion when the facts are screaming to be heard?

Bookman Beattie said...

Overnight I have received more than 20 comments many of them unpleasant, vindictive and potentially libellous.
This is a book blog not a forum for angry people to vent their spleen so I have decided not to post any more comments.

MarkJordan said...

Schappelle Corby is obviously innocent. Anybody well versed in statement analysis can see this. How would the Boogie Board bag have got through the Australian Customs looking like it did? Schappelle's only mistake was claiming ownership of the bag. It makes no economic sense to smuggle dope into Indonesia.

tans said...

Why do most drug smugglers go to great effort to hide their drugs under resin,in hidden compartments,by private transport,yet the corbys' use a clear see through vacume bag in a boogie board cover with no locks.Surely if the "buisness" was so good selling pot in bali they could afford to take some cautions.

Anonymous said...

No-one has ever taken commercial quantities of Marijuana from Australia to Bali, before Corby or since. There is no market for it there as it cannot compete against the home grown stuff. And don't try to give me the bull about Aussie Gold being sold in Bali. It never happened. There are no records of large quantities of marijuana ever going through our international airports. Have you ever heard of any Aussie jailed for peddling MJ in Bali? In fact have you heard of anyone getting busted for selling MJ in Bali? Even the dealer who sold to a 14yo Aussie kid did not get busted.

The sad fact is that there is no proof that the mj found in Corby's bag was ever in Australia. I do not support the Australian Baggage Handler theory.

Have a read at http:/.freeschapelle.com.au.