Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ghosts in the Landscape - Photography by Grant Sheehan

 Wellington photographer and publisher Grant Sheehan's latest photographic book, Ghosts in the Landscape has been published by Phantom House Books. 
Ghosts in the Landscape is a visual journey through New Zealand in search of aspects of the countryside that resonate in our national psyche.
These ‘ghosts’ take many forms, memorials of wars and events, in places/locations of disasters and the smaller things, like the old abandoned houses, discarded rusting cars of bygone eras, or the prolific red sheds scattered throughout the land.
Finally, there is the haunting power and grandeur of our diverse landscape; sometimes beautiful, in its quiet still moments, other times terrifying, in its stormy violent moods.

A nationwide exhibition of photographs from Ghosts in the Landscape will follow the release of the book.
You can preview some of the images here: www.ghostsinthelandscape.co.nz

About Grant Sheehan 
Grant Sheehan is a photographer and publisher who lives in Wellington. He has over 12 books to his name, including Landmarks, Notable Historic Buildings of New Zealand and the award-winning New Zealand Landscapes, Northland to Antarctica. He has twice won the Cathay Pacific Travel Photographer of the Year award.

"Sheehan's landscapes are not the sort you find on postcards; instead, he picks out rich colours and textures: lichen on a fence, crops in a field, layers in rock, reflections in water, clouds soaring in the sky. He captures the atmosphere of a place more than recording its landmarks." - Grace Dalley
Phantom House Books is a publishing house in Wellington, New Zealand, specialising in photographic and general non-fiction books.
More information is available on our website:  Phantom House Books.

Ghosts in the Landscape
Photography by Grant Sheehan 

Phantom House Books
You can order a signed, numbered copy from www.ghostsinthelandscape.co.nz for $150.00 plus shipping, or from good book stores around New Zealand.

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