Friday, November 25, 2011

Penguin withholds new e-books from UK library suppliers

Penguin UK is now withholding the supply of its new e-book releases to its library suppliers in the UK, following the same decision taken by Penguin US earlier in the week.
Meanwhile, Penguin US has announced it will restore its supply of backlist titles for e-book lending to Amazon until the end of the year, while the retailer and publisher work with library supplier Overdrive to address Penguin's concerns over copyright security.
In a company statement, Penguin UK said: "Consistent with the policy announced in the US earlier this week, Penguin has taken the decision to delay the availability of new digital files to its library suppliers in the UK while we work to resolve security issues with our partners."
The statement continued: "Penguin has been a long-time supporter of libraries, and the valuable role they play in connecting writers and readers in their local communities. Our overriding aim is to strike the right balance between access to our content and the protection of our authors' copyright. In the meantime, readers will still be able to enjoy new Penguin titles in their physical editions and existing titles in digital form."
It is understood Overdrive is Penguin UK's main library supply partner, though it also works with other smaller companies. The decision will effect all library suppliers equally. Penguin's digital backlist titles will still be available for lending.

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