Friday, November 25, 2011

Abacus and Frances Lincoln win at Muslim Writers Awards

23.11.11 | Charlotte Williams - The Bookseller

Books published by Abacus and Frances Lincoln took the prizes in the published work categories of the Muslim Writers Awards, which were celebrated last night (22nd November) at the Globe theatre in London.
Censoring an Iranian Love Story by Shahriar Mandanipour, published by Abacus, won the Published Novel award, while Far From Home by Na'ima B Robert, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, took the Published Children's Book award. Tam Hussain was awarded the Writer of the Year 2011 title, as well as the Unpublished Short Story award for "Little Flecks of Silver".
Ahmed Masoud's Gaza Days won the Unpublished Novel award. Kitchen Set Libel, and others by zkthepoet won the Unpublished Poetry prize and Mehded Sinclair's When Wings Expand winning in the Unpublished Children's Story category.
Chairman Lakhtee Hussain Shah said: "It is not just about the writing but about the person behind it. What MWA does is build bridges and help people to share stories, develop common ground and help to develop positive, inclusive narratives which will enable all of us to live in a healthier more vibrant society with respect for everyone and their individual contributions. It's a noble cause and I salute all our partners that strive with us towards this end. It was a tough decision because we feel that all the winners tonight reflect these aims

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