Monday, November 14, 2011

First NZ Food Bloggers Conference

Author/publisher/foodie Alessandra Zecchini reports that food blogging is getting big in NZ!

She suggests that maybe I might organize a NZ Book Bloggers Conference. I suspect it would be a pretty small conference at the moment. How many book bloggers are there is New Zealand? Any idea?
There is crime fiction specialist Craig Sisterson, Booksellers NZ , and of course quite a number of authors and publishers have blogs but would they define themselves as book bloggers? How do you define a book blogger? A person who operates a blog that deals exclusively with books I guess?


Alessandra said...

I was surprised to see how many food blogs there are in NZ now, when I started there were just a few... from corporate to amateurs to food writers! I am sure that more and more writers will start their own blogs, plus publishers, reviewers, booksellers and passionate people like you Bookman! :-)

Ciao and thank you for the link

Ngaire BookieMonster said...

Ahem. :)

But yes, NZ does have a small book blogging community by overseas standards.

Anonymous said...

Quality , not quantity!