Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You know you’re from Christchurch when …

In the spirit of laughter being the best medicine comes a little book of ‘red and black’ humour . . .

After the February 2011 earthquake that hit Christchurch, Cantabrian Bruce Raines was helping his friends move when he decided he wanted to do more, he wanted to cheer people up, so he set up the ‘You know you’re from Christchurch when’ Facebook page.

It became an instant sensation and a humorous lifeline for many of those affected by the earthquake.
Postings have flooded in from around the region and the world in their thousands, as the people of Christchurch rebuild their community stone by stone and giggle by giggle.
To date, 11,960 people ‘like’ this page, with new reasons to ‘know you’re from Christchurch’ being added every day.

Now Bruce brings us You know you’re from Christchurch when …, the book which draws together the best of hundreds of contributions to the Facebook page, such as:

You know you’re from Christchurch when …

Your local drunk staggers, when sober.

Your mayor has to explain to Prince William what ‘munted’ means.

Your city has so many men in uniform you think you must be in a Village People video.

You know you’re from Christchurch when … shows how, in the face of adversity, Cantabrians are showing their true red-and-black spirit.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to the Christchurch Earthquake Mayoralty Fund.

Release Date:  20 MAY 2011 | RRP: $16.99 | HARPERCOLLINS Publishers

Meet Bruce Raines the creator of the Facebook phenomenon and now the book,
You Know You’re From Christchurch When ...

On Thursday, 26 May Bruce will be at:
Paper Plus Bush Inn, Bush Inn Shopping Centre, 1.00-1.30pm
Paper Plus New Brighton, 72 New Brighton Mall, 3.00-3.30pm
Paper Plus Merivale, Merivale Mall, 4.00-4.30pm
Paper Plus Northlands Mall, 5.00-5.30pm


HelenL said...

Speaking as someone from Christchurch who is sick of having to live it: "whatever."

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, but 'when' exactly are these funny?

Anonymous said...

Helen you live in New York!
How do you understand 11'000+ peoples lives and what they are going through? It's a Fundraiser Book is that so bad? Some people!

Anonymous said...

If we get to the other side of this with our sanity it will because we have been able to laugh, at ourselves, our situation and the frustrations of life.. (It keeps us from crying) Good on ya Bruce, we need more of it....