Thursday, May 26, 2011

Plan for free link to the web

Janine Rankin  - Manawatu  Standard

Manawatu could become the largest free wireless internet area in New Zealand if a proposal by the Chamber of Commerce, backed by Vision Manawatu and Destination Manawatu, is picked up.
Advocate and chamber member Brynn Neilson said Inspire Net has the infrastructure in place to make the plan a reality, and said work could begin as early as next month.
It would provide visitors to the region with free access to email and basic internet services, as well as helping locals keep in touch when they had their laptops away from their home-based connection.
Although Wellington has begun providing free internet access in Lambton Quay, and other centres are also working on similar plans, Mr Neilson said Manawatu could be a leader in the extent of the coverage being offered.
"To be a leading city in the world, we have to be IT literate. It's crucial," he said.
The plan is to pilot the project through most of the city and the Feilding central business district first, extending to cover the whole district later.

Full report here. - the news just keep getting better !

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