Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Tuesday Poem

Christchurch Poet David Gregory is at Tuesday Poem this week
Selected by editor, James Norcliffe, David Gregory's poem Push begins:

He has found the green door at last,
in a faded, jaded street.
And, slightly askew, it reflects
the slant of his memories.
And Norcliffe's introduction to the poem says: "Doors and childhood are presiding themes of David’s work, so in many ways Push can be seen as an archetypal poem. The “green door” of the opening line references, of course, the famous fifties song. "
More at Tuesday Poem. And in the sidebar you'll find a host of other poems written by Tuesday Poets from NZ, the US, the UK and Australia, or selected by them. From a classic by Yeats to a tribute to her mother by Aucklander Elizabeth Welsh, the poems are wide-ranging, stimulating, provocative, moving. Worth a look.


Jackie said...

I want to express my warm thanks for all you do in the cause of literature, and especially for poetry.
You are wonderful and many like me are full of gratitude and admiration.

Laurie Daley said...

I heartily endorse your comments Jackie. Day in and day out we receive stories and reviews and links all in the cause of the book.
I thank you warmly Bookman and hope that your efforts are recognised by the booksellers and publishers for whom you do so much. And without payment!

Josephine said...

Yeah, don't get a swollen head Graham but you do a brilliant job for all us busy booklovers out there.

R. Clarke said...

The coverage you have given to poetry in recent days has been significant and much appreciated.

Mary McCallum said...

Yes, Graham, your support of poetry and poets is hugely appreciated by us at Tuesday Poem. It gives the poets such a boost - both here and elsewhere in the world. Mwah!