Friday, May 20, 2011


The house full sign was up early for this session, in fact we were informed that it was the first session that was sold out when bookings first opened opened a few weeks back. The audience looked to be about 80% women.
I had missed David Mitchell, (pic below taken at the Hay Festival), in Auckland last week where he was one of the big draw cards at the Auckland Writers & Readers Festival so I was keen to hear him here.

Sadly the chair, Geordie Williamson, a walking encyclopedia on all matters David Mitchell, must have thought we had come to hear him because he have himself more talking time he gave Mitchell. Long, convoluted, academic questions were the order of the day and really in the end the best part of the session was when the audience had a chance to direct questions to the very successful and clearly popular author.

Mitchell came across as a very nice fellow, his style was quiet and thoughtful, he told a parent in the audience not to be bothered about the noise being made by a child, his reaction to audience questions was courteous and his replies fulsome.

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Craig Cliff said...

Video of the session is now online (you can fast forward through Geordie Williamson's questions; he was similarly longwinded with Kim Scott the previous day...)