Sunday, May 15, 2011


An interesting session in which that most ablest of Chairpersons, journalist Finlay Macdonald, led leading NZ photographer Jane Ussher and NZ's most popular essayist Steve Braunias in a  discussion of their time spent at Scott Base in Antartica.

Ussher's comments were accompanied by photographs (one above) from her beautiful large hardback 2010 title, Still Life-Inside the Antarctic Huts of Scott and Shackelton (Murdoch Books) while Braunias read two essays from his latest title, Smoking in Antartica (Awa Press) and amused us all greatly with his take of life on the ice.
He is in a way New Zealand's A.A.Gill with his ability to be so very funny with flashes of seriousness and solemnity among all the humour.

The Lower NZI Room at the Aotea Centre was absolutely packed for this session with exstra seating being rushed in to meet demand.The large audience were not disappointed.

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Mary Varnham said...

If the Sydney Writers Festival people had their wits about them and didn't keep ignoring New Zealand writers (and photographers), they would have booked this brilliant duo to cross the Tasman. One of the most entertaining hours I've ever spent at a writers festival. And yes, many remarked that not only was Steve NZ's AA Gill, he was much more funny and genuine.(Disclosure:I am Steve's publisher, but I'd be just as mad about his writing if I weren't.)