Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Impressive new website up and running at New Zealand Listener

Be sure to check out the newly functional New Zealand Listener website - fully revamped, with extra
online-only arts and books interviews, blogs and DVD reviews, and the opportunity to comment on both them and interviews and reviews from the print edition of the magazine.

And by the way I noticed in the latest issue they have EIGHT pages devoted to books! Yay!

You will find it all here:


Penny said...

Thanks for the tip, Bookman - checked it out and it's a great site!

Kiwicraig said...

The new website looks terrific, although at the moment they don't appear to be listing a full contents of the current issue (which they used to do) - I'm also wondering whether they will continue to place full versions of articles online 2-3 weeks after the print issue - hopefully.

Overall, the new website looks terrific though.

Guy Somerset said...

Yes, Kiwicraig, we will continue to place full versions of articles online two weeks after the print issue; and that contents list will be getting fuller in the fullness of time.