Sunday, April 01, 2007


1198 visitors last week made up of 70% from New Zealand, 9% from Australia, 7.1% from the UK, 5.7% from the US, 1.7% from Japan, and 1% from Canada and then in reducing numbers others from Colombia, France, Switzerland, China, Turkey, Ireland, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Egypt, India, South Africa, Portugal, Greece, Chile, Lebanon, Spain, Belgium, Yemen, Malaysia, Venezuela, Germany and Slovenia, with 4 visitors from "unknown" !!

On average the site gets 200 hits a day Monday to Friday, and then reduced numbers Saturday and even fewer Sunday.

I am delighted with these results and also with the many kind remarks various visitors have made about the site. Thank you all.

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freddyfixit said...

Fred Stewart the founder of announced today that their site hit another record. Over 4000 new customers visited their site during August 2007. Over the last six months growth for their website has been steady on 35% per month