Monday, April 02, 2007


Declaration of interest - Bookman Beattie is probably NZ's greatest fan of Jamie Oliver. I have enjoyed and admired him since he first burst on the scene as The Naked Chef all those years ago when he was just a lad. I have all of his books and regularly cook from them. I even took his jamies italy with me to Italy last year and made several dishes from it while holidaying near Arezzo in Tuscany.

So, of course, just at the moment with his new TV series, Jamie at Home, screening Friday nights, Friday night has become a "stay home to watch Jamie night".

The frustrating thing for me is that there is no tie-in cookbook available and so I am having to make scribbled notes of the recipes as he goes. This is not ideal. So I phoned Jamie's publisher, Penguin Books, and said hey guys I need the book Jamie at Home so I can start making the recipes and not get distracted from the tv programme while trying to take them down long hand!

Sadly I am just going to have to be patient, (patience is not my long suit when it comes to books I want), because Penguin Books advise that publication date in New Zealand is not until 29 October. Bugger!
Pictures featured all from Jamie's website.

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