Thursday, January 14, 2016

Michael O'Leary writes - a cognac for David Bowie

David Bowie's death had a profound affect on me so I thought you might like to see the illustration I did as a part of the book HeadworX published last year, to wit, 'Main Trunk Lines: Collected Railway Poems of Michael O'Leary'. 

A whole section of the book is dedicated to David Bowie: 
'Station to Station - a cognac for David'. 

Below is an excerpt from my autobiography Die Bibel which I proffer by way of explanation:

A place we went to a lot was the Ariyoshi, Auckland’s first Japanese restaurant, where fellow poet, Sandra Bell, worked as a waitress. We would go to lunch there and drink sake, a lovely drink that I often used to have at home, heating it in a pot: the vapours rising towards your nose were sublime. When David Bowie came to film ‘Merry Christmas Mister Lawrence’ in Auckland his favourite restaurant was the Ariyoshi and Sandra would often serve his table if he was there for dinner. I was working with Dan Bergin again so I would not have been allowed to eat at the restaurant in my drain-laying clothes. I organized for Sandra to present Bowie with a glass of cognac as recognition of how much his music meant to me. I wrote on an Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop card:

 To the Thin White Duke
From the Fat Black Earl

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