Saturday, January 30, 2016

What Do You Mean, “Bookseller is Not an Occupation?”

A column by Amanda MacNaughton via PW

Amanda MacNaughtonStaring at the unemployment form online, I searched for any word on the list that correctly described my line of work. “Bookseller” wasn’t there; neither was “author event manager,” “knowledge professional,” or even “Retail Sales–Books.”

I tried typing in “Bookseller,” but the template insisted I pick one of the pre-ordained choices. So I chose “Retail Sales,” pausing to wail to my husband about the utter injustice of the system. “Now they’ll think I can get a job selling just anything! Like shoes! I don’t know anything about shoes!”

I always think of shoe sales when I try to imagine working in some other type of store. Maybe it’s because of Joan Bauer’s great book Best Foot Forward, although I sure wouldn’t be a good shoe salesperson like the teenage girl in that

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