Monday, January 25, 2016

Nine tNoon this week - Scheduled interviews and reviews

Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan
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Scheduled interviews and reviews

Hi everyone, Kathryn Ryan is back this week!
Also, please scroll to the bottom for our picks of the best interviews of the last week, including the wonderful Nick Offerman of the tv show Parks and Recreation!

Monday 25 January

  • The impact of Auckland's chronic housing shortage: The Auckland Council says a new problem is emerging, where people are deciding to effectively adapt their houses into two separate dwellings, so they can rent out half, some of the alterations are not complying with the building code.
  • Could US-European divisions create new world order? Andrew Bishop is one of the authors of Eurasia's 'Top Risks' report.
  • Debora Patta reports from Africa.
    • Artist, Turner prize winner, broadcaster, transvestite and worshipper of teddy bears, Grayson Perry
    • Book review: Grand Slam by Kathryn Ledson   
    • Reading: Sea Vagabonds by John Wray read by Alex Greig         
    • Politics with Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills.
    • Icecream for grown ups
    • Urbanist, Tommy Honey

    Tuesday 26 January

    • Matchfixing, corruption, doping: How much faith can we have in top level sport?
    • How advances in technology are making some every day tasks easier for people who are visually impaired.
    • US correspondent Steve Almond
    • The challenges of getting plants to grow and thrive in the salty, sandy and windy coastal environment, with ecological consultant and writer Isobel Gabites.
    • Book Review: The Sea Detective by Mark Douglas-home
    • Reading: South Sea Vagabonds by John Wray read by Alex Greig
    • Rod Oram on business.
    • The History of Waltzing Matilda with Jeff Close, director of the Waltzing Matilda Centre in Winton, Queensland
    • Media commentator Gavin Ellis

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