Monday, October 10, 2011

VUP and Unity Books warmly invite you to the launch of

Scrim: the Man with a Mike
by William Renwick
to be launched by Elizabeth Alley

The intriguing story  of how New Zealand’s first broadcasting
superstar fell out with his political masters.
$50, Paperback, Victoria University Press

6pm Thursday October 27th at Unity Books Wellington, 57 Willis Street 

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Gordon Dryden said...

What’s in a title?

I look forward to reading Scrim: The man with the mike, by Colin Renwick—the new book on an old friend, Colin Scrimgeour.

When Les Edwards wrote an earlier biography, he finally chose the title Scrim: Radio Rebel in Retrospect.

I unsuccessfully tried to persuade him to use his original choice: The Parson Who Farted in Church.