Saturday, October 15, 2011

Publishing Perspectives Report

Metadata Perspectives: More Sales, Just Don't Mention the "M" Word
At Thursday's Metadata Perspectives 2011 conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Peter Mathews, Publishing & Editorial Manager at book data provider Nielsen Book noted that those titles in Nielsen's top-selling 85,000 with complete data records sold 70% more copies on average than those with incomplete metadata. READ MORE

More News from the Frankfurt Book Fair 2011:

Tablet of Contents: A Guide to Apps
Dr. Jennifer Elfert of German app-developer Zuuka! gave advice to Frankfurt attendees on the best ways to publish apps and e-books at the seminar "Tablet of Contents: a Look at Tablet Publishing."

Japan’s Publishing Business Shrinks 1.5%
In August Japanese publishing revenue shrank 1.5% compared with the previous year, falling to 133 billion yen ($1.7 billion), while book sales rose slightly, up 1%.

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