Thursday, October 06, 2011

NZ Society of Authors has a new web editor

With Tina Shaw leaving her position as Programmes Manager at the NZSA, CEO Maggie Tarver decided to split the role into two positions, a Programmes Manager and a Web Editor. “The skills needed to keep our IT up to date and working well didn’t fit into those needed for the Programmes Manager’s job” Maggie commented. “The new Web Editor will be responsible for not only updating our website, but finding ways to make sure the information is easily accessible and our SEO is maximised”. 
Twenty two year old university student,  Louisa Clark has taken on the Web Editor’s role and will be looking after the NZSA website and their facebook page.
Louisa is a third year biology student at The University of Auckland and has been studying marketing as her general education paper (with a B+ final grade).  She  is currently studying a computer programming paper as part of her entry into bioinformatics and is sitting on an A average so far – she got full marks for her xhtml language test!
But life isn’t all computers and laboratories – at 18 Louisa Clark started her own equine company and has a future goal of competing at the Olympics with her dressage filly bred from her Jaguar warmblood mare.  She will be breaking this filly in herself this summer.
Louisa will be working for the NZSA 3-4 hours a week but will be popping on and off the social media website, Facebook, at regular intervals.  She would like to see you there.
She is happy to discuss any concerns or problems with updating members’ profiles on the NZSA website or any other technical questions. You can contact Louisa on

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