Saturday, October 08, 2011

Isaacson Recalls First and Last Jobs Meetings

Walter Isaacson has a short essay at about the genesis of his Steve Jobs biography. Key portions are at this open link at Poynter. Jobs called Isaacson in the summer of 2004 to arrange a meeting in Aspen: "It turned out that he wanted me to write a biography of him.... Because I assumed that he was still in the middle of an oscillating career that had many more ups and downs left, I demurred. Not now, I said. Maybe in a decade or two, when you retire. But I later realized that he had called me just before he was going to be operated on for cancer for the first time."
On their final meeting a few weeks ago: "In order to mask my emotion, I asked the one question that was still puzzling me: Why had he been so eager, during close to 50 interviews and conversations over the course of two years, to open up so much for a book when he was usually so private? 'I wanted my kids to know me,' he said. 'I wasn't always there for them, and I wanted them to know why and to understand what I did.'"
Barnes & Noble vp of marketing Patricia Bostelman echoes the thoughts of many booksellers to the NYT: "We think it's the biggest adult nonfiction book of the year." Isaacson is expected to appear on 60 Minutes and Fortune has a second serial lined up.

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